Complaints Policy

Room for improvement?

The aim of this policy is to ensure that we are able to deal with complaints in a fair, timely and constructive manner; We will also endeavour to improve our service offering should constructive criticisms arise; In the unfortunate event that you wish to make a complaint, we request that all complaints are emailed to including the following; 

- COMPLAINT marked clearly in the subject line of the email 

- YOUR details including your full name, phone number and email address 

- A summary / chronology of your complaint containing all relevant factual information 

- Your suggestions for resolution If you do not receive an acknowledgement email from us within 3 working days, detailing a timescale in which we will respond to your complaint more substantively, please contact us again to ensure that we have received your email complaint. We do not anticipate taking any longer than 7 days (from the date of our acknowledgement email to respond to your complaint). If we require a longer period of time, we will advise you. 

The quality of our service offering is important to us. If standards have not been met, we invite you to send in your suggestions and comments. Conversely, please do share your views on areas where we have met or exceeded expectations, we appreciate your feedback. 

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